Place is something we love.

Place creates experience, and brings together friends, families, intellectual peers.

Place is where life happens.

The Artistry of Place


Each place where people are going to live, work, or visit, sets the stage for countless spectacular stories. Each place deserves the artistry of a handcrafted sculpture, a work of art, with the comforts and playfulness of a childhood home. Place deserves the possibilities of an adventure story, opportunities to climb mountains or discover another side of yourself.

We pursue the creation of place with this zest. We find that the more time and attention you invest into place, the more fabulous, diverse, and artistic it becomes. Each place we are creating has the benefit of being designed and redesigned attentively by artists and designers.

Quality > Quantity

We experiment with ways to use each place we adopt into our fold, creating content to document the ideas we work with, valuing as much the research and idea creation of this process as the creation of place itself. In this way, we focus on quality, not quantity, and subvert the capitalist perception of real estate, focusing on the value of shared place and ideas instead of scale.

With each place we are financing, developing, and managing, we will continue to create content, and welcome idea exchange. This creates a nucleus of ideas, permeating the community around us with rich new forms of inhabitation.


2020 Fund, Circular Model

2022 Crowd-sharing ownership

2024 Growth



Collaborative, sustainable re-envisioning of a triplex in the city

(Providence, RI)


8-10 bedroom community in Washington D.C.


Second community in the DC Area


Tiny House Farm Community


Farm-centered off-grid community


Beachfront Water Resilient Housing



8 Domes

Remote Desert Community



1. Sustainability - circularity of materials, in construction and management

2. Biodiversity - Integrating human habitat with animal habitat

3. Resilience - Working with natural conditions, local environmental data, to create any and all preparatory measures possible

                        Integrating human resources, such as water, food production, energy production, and communication methods.

4. Participatory - Creating a lively, collaborative community that residents feel ownership over.

5. Economic equality - affordable units, and access to wealth-building opportunities.

Growing with Tech

During this phase, to create a seamless system for each location's management, and to open up investment opportunities for further developments, we will be developing a platform that will allow our guests to book stays with ease, whether living in an Anamakos property, or staying at an Anamakos hotel. An internet-based hub will allow us to centralize the data and research we collect on each site, and create a hub for conversation around our idea creation.

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