May 12, 2020
Subscribing to the Future:
Planning for the Declining Ownership Society

One likely outcome of COVID-19 is a post-pandemic acceleration of existing trends—the rapid movement from the impossible to the inevitable in a variety of fields. One trend that seems poised to accelerate is the decline of ownership—not just of big ticket items like housing and vehicles, but of everything down to the clothes on our backs. A shift to rental and subscription models will alter the economy significantly, including in the public realm and the built environment. U.S. tax policy continues to favor home ownership, but shifting attitudes toward ownership will require new settlement patterns and new policies to support them. What will be the impact on housing, policy, neighborhood and urban design?

Watch a recording from Tuesday, May 12th, the seventh webinar in this series, On the Park Bench. We’ll be joined by Todd Zimmerman, Director Emeritus of Zimmerman/Volk Associates; Tara Gupta, founder of and Anamakos; Jerry Reimer of Urban Village Development; and Louis Nequette, Principal and Founder of Nequette Architecture & Design.

May 13, 2019

Cutting the Clutter: Inside a 'zero waste' house

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Spring 2018
100 Days to 0 Waste

We encourage residents and people in the greater Anamakos community to make the transition to a zero waste lifestyle, providing a home that supports a bulk foods kitchen, composting on-site, recycling, and energy efficient, water efficient living. 

You can follow the road to zero waste through the journey of 4 Providence-based contestants in a short T.V. series, called 100 days to 0 waste.


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