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Earthouse is a triplex in Providence which has been sustainably updated to support a zero waste, ecologically conscious lifestyle.

The house features:


-A solar panel system that offsets more than 100% of electricity use.

-A garden with composting on site

-A rainwater harvesting barrel.

-Nest thermostats


The location has a walker's score of 90, and a bike score of 94, and is located next to many food vendors and parks.

*Earthouse is located in Fox Point, on the colonized native lands of the Narragansett, Wampanoag, and Nehantic.



ROADMAP is an exploration of sustainable transition changes proposed for Earthouse.


DIS/RUPT is an alternative exploration of how the mechanism of capitalism is at play in Earthouse, and speculation on how to disrupt that mechanism.

Zero Waste

At ANAMAKOS, we encourage residents to make the transition to a zero waste lifestyle, providing a home that supports a bulk foods kitchen, composting on-site, recycling, and energy efficient, water efficient living. 

You can follow the road to zero waste through the journey of 4 Providence-based contestants in a short T.V. series, called 100 days to 0 waste.


Watch all 11 episodes here!

Download a Welcome to Earthouse +

a brief introduction to Zero Waste here.