Earthouse is a triplex in Providence which has been sustainably updated to support a zero waste, ecologically conscious lifestyle.

The house features:


-A solar panel system that offsets more than 100% of electricity use.

-A garden with composting on site

-A rainwater harvesting barrel.

-Nest thermostats


The location has a walker's score of 90, and a bike score of 94, and is located next to many food vendors and parks.

*Earthouse is located in Fox Point, on the colonized native lands of the Narragansett, Wampanoag, and Nehantic.




ROADMAP is an exploration of sustainable transition changes proposed for Earthouse.

DIS/RUPT is an alternative exploration of how the mechanism of capitalism is at play in Earthouse, and speculation on how to disrupt that mechanism.

Download a Welcome to Earthouse +

a brief introduction to Zero Waste here.

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